Science Expository Essays

The Nile river delta and the Sinai peninsula from space

Writing about science and explaining what you have learned is a good way to organize your thoughts. You can use your science essays as samples for TELPAS writing, and to review for the Stanford exam.

Below are some topics and outlines to help you organize your thoughts for your science essays.


What is matter? – stuff – everything is made of – examples

What is matter made of? atoms – molecules

How is matter affected by changes in heat energy? – states of matter – solid, ;liquid, and gas – behavior of molecules

Changes in states of matter – describe and give examples on evaporation, condensation, freezing, and melting

Conclusion – Why is it important to study matter?

Weathering and Erosion

What is the difference between weathering and erosion? – explain

What are the forces that erode the earth’s surface? water – wind – ice, temperature changes – give examples

What is deposition? Give examples of landforms deposited my water, wind and ice

Conclusion – Why is it important to understand weathering and erosion?


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