Video-Based Mini-Lessons on Software Skills

software skills

Video-based mini-lessons on software skills will be posted on-line so students can review the lessons at their own pace, pausing and trying on their own as needed.

A central theme of the lessons is how to use software so that text and image files may be exchanged between programs to aid in research, organize information, and work on projects.

Video-based mini-lessons will be posted on the following software:

  1. Paint
  2. Word
  3. Internet Explorer, Google and Bing
  4. Windows Explorer
  5. Excel
  6. PowerPoint
  7. Windows Live MovieMaker

Computer Basics and Safety

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This week we will learn about computer basics and safety.

Students will complete a card matching activity and self check after watching a trailer.

Students will then pick three vocabulary words from the activity to reflect and write about in their on-server journals.

Students will complete skill mini-lessons and answer the hot questions.


  1. Technology
  2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  3. Input Device
  4. Output Device
  5. Operating System
  6. Software
  7. Folder
  8. Cyber Bullying
  9. Private Information

Hot Questions

  1. How do you create, name, and save a file?
  2. What is software? Please explain and give examples.
  3. How do you keep safe online?