Mr. Mamontoff’s Blog moves to Tech Paws

tech paws


Ms. Jost and Mr. Mamontoff have moved their blogs to to better support our students and teachers.

The Tech Paws blog will be maintained by us and our student-techs, also known as “Panther Techs” or “Tech Paws”

We look forward to a really cool year technologically speaking.

See you over at the new blog.

Mr. Mamontoff


Paint – Drawing and Saving

In this computer skills lesson we will learn how to:

  • Open and resize the Paint window
  • Resize the canvas
  • Make the tool and color boxes visible
  • Draw with tools, including line, curve, shape, and eraser, and change their properties
  • Select colors and paint with the bucket tool inside closed figures
  • Use Edit > Undo instead of the eraser
  • Move parts of the drawing on the canvas
  • Save to the local drive or to the network
  • Find the teacher folder and create a student folder on the network

In the next lesson on Paint we will learn how to:

  • Capy images from Google searches into Paint
  • Change the size and file types of images we find on the computer or the Internet
  • Create posters and graphic organizers
  • Capture any image on the desktop
  • Copy images from Paint into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Please let me know what other features you would like to learn about Paint.

Enjoy the lesson!

Mr. Mamontoff