Paint – Drawing and Saving

In this computer skills lesson we will learn how to:

  • Open and resize the Paint window
  • Resize the canvas
  • Make the tool and color boxes visible
  • Draw with tools, including line, curve, shape, and eraser, and change their properties
  • Select colors and paint with the bucket tool inside closed figures
  • Use Edit > Undo instead of the eraser
  • Move parts of the drawing on the canvas
  • Save to the local drive or to the network
  • Find the teacher folder and create a student folder on the network

In the next lesson on Paint we will learn how to:

  • Capy images from Google searches into Paint
  • Change the size and file types of images we find on the computer or the Internet
  • Create posters and graphic organizers
  • Capture any image on the desktop
  • Copy images from Paint into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Please let me know what other features you would like to learn about Paint.

Enjoy the lesson!

Mr. Mamontoff


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