What I Would Like to Be When I Grow Up – by Oscar

I would like to be president to help the people who need help.So i can  help kids to be the best they can be.

I will be proud because  president is one good profesion to learn.I will be nice president.The president is leader of our country.he signs the laws of our country.laws are rules.

He flies on his own plane:It is called Air force one.It has places for the president to work,eat,and sleep  . He meets with other leaders .They try to solve the problems in the world.

The president has to make tough decisions.I will prepare to be president by always trying to do what is right for me and others.

Iknow t will be a good president as long as i serve others and alwaysdo what is right.


A Day I Was Proud of Myself – by Hatziri

My mom and dad were in the living room.I could faintly hear their voices over the sound of the television.’ What should we get her as a reward if she  gets all 90″s? My mom asked gently the next day my mom say ‘ Don’t forget to bring your report card’ in the end of the class the teacher say ‘ The report card are ready’

My heart skipped a bead when the teacher heanded me the report card. I carefully opened the brown envelope and scanned the grades:90,80, 78,88,915

When i got to house i say ‘ Look what i got’ I exclimed as i handed my report cart to my mom. ‘Is this your report card? Mom replied in disbelief. Yes this is my report cart then she say ‘What amazing lets go were ever you wand. ‘This is my best day ever’