Roots and Affixes

The root is the base word to which other parts or affixes are added.

There are two types of affixes: Prefixes and suffixes.

The affixes and root appear in the following order: P-R-S

Prefix  –   Root  –   Suffix

The root and affix combinations change the meaning of the word.

Some Examples

welcome = well received

un-welcome = not welcome

un-welcom-ed = not welcomed

possible = that can be done

im-possible = not possible

im-possib-ility = state of not being possible

view = to see

pre-view = view beforehand

pre-view-able = able to be viewed beforehand

Most Common Prefixes

not, opposite of
unhappy, unprofessional

again, back
return, review

in, im, ir, il
not, opposite of
indirect, impossible, irregular, illegal

not, opposite of
nonfiction, nonsense

in-, im-
in or into